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Digital Advertising

Exterion Digital delivers large valuable audiences

Our Digital audience is unique. They are affluent, young and influential consumers; reflecting the hyper-connected light TV viewers that frequent London’s busiest areas.

Our Digital assets can reach 1.6m people every 2 weeks. Strategically placed in London’s most iconic locations, we can communicate with this desirable and valuable audience right in the heart of Europe’s number one city.

Source: Route 2014

Through the power of movement

Exterion Digital is synonymous with movement. Movement attracts the eye and the peripheral pull is king with our assets.

Engaging in a flexible and tactical manner

Whether it is individual day-parting, individual days, a combination of days or even hours, we truly deliver tactical and flexible opportunities dependent upon your communication objectives.

Through a consistent narrative

With the individual positioning of the screens in our environments, their scale and the uniqueness of these formats, we can deliver your brand messaging to your target audience. Whether it is through dwell time or frequency formats our digital assets are seen when and where it matters.

Using our innovative portfolio

We can offer you the right product, in a range of environments, to suit your advertising message. We have an unrivalled digital portfolio across the UK, with three exclusive digital formats on the London Underground such as Cross Track Projections (XTP), LCD screens at National Rail stations nationwide, roadside sites, unique retail advertising opportunities at Westfield London and Westfield Stratford, two of the busiest retail environments in the UK along with a network of screens at One New Change and West One.


How we can help

We offer advertisers a wide range of production options, from taking press copy and simply introducing subtle movement to attract the consumers’ attention, right through to film shoots and 3D graphic builds. Working with your existing artwork assets, including graphics, content, print designs and online elements, we can build custom animations to fit any digital format. 

No original artwork available? Don’t worry, we can work with you to build new designs and animations completely from scratch.

We put customers at the heart of everything we do, so encourage our clients to take advantage of our cost effective creative consultancy service to help guide you through the creative process.

To arrange a creative consultancy meeting please email:

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