87% urbanites like that each city in the UK has its own unique identity


According to members of our award-winning urban community, work.shop.play., we’re lucky to have a variety of different cities across the UK, each with their own identity and unique attributes.

The urban audience are keen to explore these different cities, with 70% agreeing they like to venture up and down the UK to experience these different urban identities for themselves. When appreciating a city break, they feel it’s all about the people and the atmosphere – 77% think it’s the local people that make a city great, followed by atmosphere (92%) alongside shops and interesting things to do!

Outside of London, the next most popular city the urban audience to have visited was Manchester (33%), followed by Edinburgh (33%) and Birmingham (25%)! Edinburgh was described by our panel as being the most relaxed city in the UK (24%), with London being the most cultural (61%) and Glasgow the most friendly (26%).