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  • Rizzle kicks NFC Westfield Pod
  • Rizzle kicks NFC Westfield Pod
  • Rizzle kicks NFC Westfield Pod
  • Rizzle kicks NFC Westfield Pod
  • Rizzle Kicks Opal Winner campaign

Rizzle Kicks award winning NFC campaign at Westfield London

In collaboration with #platformforfame, Rizzle Kicks wanted to promote their latest album by allowing consumers an opportunity to download an exclusive track available through the use of NFC technology only. They were also provided with access to a video as well as an option to purchase the album in conjunction with this interaction. To launch this campaign, they installed 1 fully wrapped pod and 25 faces on NFC enabled pods throughout Westfield London.

'Westfield London offered us a unique opportunity to reach the young, hyper-connected consumers who shop there. We were able to reach them in a high dwell time environment where they are actively seeking entertainment and inspiration - the perfect arena in which to stage the interactive element of our campaign.' - Olivia Nunn, Senior product marketing manager, Island Records

The campaign generated great engagement and press coverage, as well as winning first place in the Media category at the Opal Awards 2014.

Great looking, interactive and engaging - certainly attracts the attention of the target audience.
Judges Comments - Opal Awards

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Key Stats


total number of taps

Sat & Sun

had nearly double the taps during 11am - 3pm than other times of day