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Bus Planning Guide

Get the most out of Bus Advertising in Northern Ireland

With lots of Bus formats available in various depots across Northern Ireland, it can all get a bit confusing, that’s why we have created our very own Bus Planning Guide - designed to help you get the most out of Bus Advertising in Northern Ireland.

The Bus Planning Guide  is packed with the latest information including recommended weights by Bus format and depot.

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Introducing the Bus Planning Wheel

Bus offers flexible advertising solutions to reach target audiences in towns and cities throughout Northern Ireland.  With providing a new layer of insight into the audience that each Bus format can deliver, Exterion Media is now able to tailor advertising campaigns in accordance with your campaign needs.

NI Bus Planning Wheel

The Bus Planning Wheel displays the geographical opportunities and audience solutions that Bus offers.  Bus is a multi-format media capable of delivering all types of marketing communication, and to make sure you get the most out of this versatile medium, we have tailored our packaging to be more effective at maximising your campaign coverage against your core objectives.

Whether you want to have a conversation with Belfast City, Greater Belfast, all of Northern Ireland or just your local area, Exterion Media can target these areas with Bus.

Our bus formats have been grouped to better reflect the value they deliver, to make it as easy as possible for advertisers to choose which format they need. Advertisers can select to have instant IMPACT on their audience, reach them when they are most easily influenced on the HIGH STREET, achieve maximum COVER, talk to their LOCAL community, create a campaign that takes on ICONIC status or connect with the on board audience when they have the DWELL TIME and can take action.

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Download the Anatomy of a Bus brochure

The Anatomy of a Bus explains the differences between the two groups and the best way to target them.


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