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Flexibility Like No Other

Northern Ireland Digital Out of HomeNorthern Ireland Digital Out of Home

Our digital mall network provides the opportunity to broadcast entertaining, rich content with benefits that extends beyond awareness for true audience engagement.

The network provides an average daily footfall of 60,000+ shoppers and is available at:

  1. Kennedy Centre, Belfast
  2. Bloomfied Shopping Centre, Bangor
  3. Bow Street Mall, Lisburn
  4. High Street Mall, Portadown
  5. Erneside Shopping Centre, Enniskillen 

With a total of 16 digital screens, all shopping malls in the network feature contemporary 70” digital screens that have the ability to display both static and moving images, with each ‘Digital Pod’ boasting two screens to captivate the attention of shoppers regardless of their direction.

Digital Out-of-Home offers flexibility like no other, in addition to accessing all five centres through Exterion Media’s network pack option, advertisers can also avail of centre specific opportunities and a range of creative solutions including changing copy by loop, time of day, day of week and location.

You can access our digital network at short notice making sure that your message can become focused and reactive. 

Our creative team can develop and produce your broadcast ready digital advertising copy – for more information get in touch, we’d love to hear from you – 028 9104 2116

Northern Ireland Digital Out of Home

Why do I need to target shoppers in a mall?

  • Consumers still want to visit retail locations because they crave a physical place to congregate, connect, and engage with other people, and shopping centres fulfil a large part of that need.
  • Shopping malls have become highly integrated into the social fabric of the communities they serve and have become central gathering places for consumers across Northern Ireland.
  • Malls are not merely places to shop. Malls are destinations where people to go shop, eat and be entertained. Even if your business isn’t in the mall, your customers are.