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Canary Wharf station domination impressed and persuaded tube users to consider Sixt


The Challenge 

Sixt, one of the leading brands in the car hire market, wanted to break through and raise brand awareness among the London audience, with the aim of driving an increase in brand consideration.

The Execution 

In July 2015, Sixt decided to make a bold statement and ran a high impact Out of Home advertising campaign, taking over Canary Wharf station, one of London’s busiest commuter hubs.

The Results 

Spontaneous awareness and consideration grew significantly above expectations, leading Sixt to exceed all of its targets within 12 weeks. The campaign drove revenue to grow by 52% in London, four times above expected levels. The activity's estimated return on investment was £0.80 for every £1 invested. Building on the back of this success, the Sixt campaign at Canary Wharf was awarded a Silver Effie and a Silver IPA Effectiveness award.

More information about this station domination at Canary Wharf can be found on the Sixt blog. Click here to read the article.

“In 2015 Sixt Rent A Car was 5th in the car hire market, overshadowed by big dominant brands, and needed to make a break through.

In a historically functional market, Grey London identified an untapped emotional benefit: that great feeling when you’ve rented a premium car at an economy price. We had a powerful insight, and we needed to bring it to life in an equally powerful way.

Our campaign idea became Drive Smug, featuring provocative headlines designed to grab attention. Our media choice was a crucial component in our success.

Our media partners, Manning Gottlieb OMD, decided to sacrifice reach for domination, to try to persuade people to switch from their habitual, safe choices. A take over of Canary Wharf tube station became the lead media. The space is big and impressive, which suited Sixt’s premium identity, and allowed us to convey swagger through our media body language.

In 3 months the campaign reached almost saturation awareness levels, brand image measures shot past their targets, with Sixt reaching the same spontaneous awareness and consideration levels as market leaders. Revenue growth in London also increased significantly above target.

I am confident that the Canary Wharf take over was a crucial component to the success of Drive Smug."
Rachel Walker, Planning Director, Grey London

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Increased Awareness

96% of respondents recalled seeing the ads when visiting Canary Wharf twice a day

Drives action

30% of those who recalled the ad said they would consider using Sixt