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The Modern High Street

Modern High Street 2

We've all heard the myth that when shoppers are in a rush on the high street and know what they are looking form they don't pay attention to Bus advertising - that Bus advertising literally passes them by. We commissioned independent scientific consumer research to test this, and the research revealed the opposite: even when consumers were forced on a specific task on the high street, and under time pressure, well designed  Bus advertising can be attention grabbing, motivating and relevant. 

To reach this conclusion, we worked with i2media and Eyetracker to understand the value of different mindsets on the high street. Below is i2media's model of consumer behaviour:

We were confident that Bus advertising does target all of the four quadrants but we know that the 'on a mission' mind set was the hardest to target. As our research has proven, this quadrant can be targeted efficiently but the design salience needs to be high. We have therefore created a salience measurement tool using a cutting edge method described in our research report. This pioneering tool will evaluate creative executions on a panel of consumers and use this feedback to help aid selection between different creative approaches, or to help optimise preferred creative. The tool will launch in January so make sure you don't miss the Bus!

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