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Advertising in Leeds

Bus Advertising in Leeds

With a population of over 760,000, Leeds is the third largest city in the UK and Yorkshire’s unofficial capital (Source: Experian).

Leeds is an economic centre of the North and a central point for business across the UK, hosting the headquarters of businesses like ASDA Walmart, Arla Foods, GHD and Northern Gas.

If you are looking to establish and grow your brand in Leeds, Exterion Media provides unparalleled coverage to 60% of the Leeds audience on a weekly basis (Source: TGI).

Leeds Audience

Leeds is a hub for business and as a result it is an affluent area over indexing on ABC1s when compared to the rest of the UK. This affluent, professional audience has more disposable income and a greater smartphone ownership, making them more connected consumers.

Leeds provides a younger audience with those in the city being 43% more likely to be aged 20-24 than other cities and 12% more likely to be aged 25-34. These age groups are early adopters of technology and are the first to try new products and services. Moreover they’re hyper connected, sharing content and opinions at the touch of a button making them excellent brand ambassadors, and respondents to creative campaigns. This young population is likely the result of the strong student population, with Leeds hosting both the University of Leeds and Leeds Metropolitan University.

Why use Exterion Media in Leeds?

Bus Advertising in Leeds

Exterion Media has an exciting portfolio in Leeds which provides the most effective way of advertising to this valuable audience. Choose from;

  • Bus advertising: With over 400 buses based in Leeds, and more entering the city from neighbouring cities, Exterion Media provides you with the opportunity to reach the heart of the community on a vast scale.
  • Rail advertising: Exterion Media provides you with advertising opportunities at 10 railway stations in Leeds, from the ticket gateways in Leeds Station, to 4 and 6 sheets at commuter stations like Headingly, Garforth and Pudsey, allowing you to catch those commuting in and out of Leeds as well as residents.

Advertising with Exterion Media delivers far wider coverage than press and radio and enables businesses to engage with urban audiences on the move.

  • 60% of Leeds population have seen bus advertising this week- They’re everywhere!
  • 350,000 in Leeds regularly travel by Bus- Buses go where people go!
  • 43% of Leeds regularly travel by rail, and those who do are 24% more likely to be ABC1- It’s your ticket to a First Class Audience!
  • Only 20% of the Leeds audience read a regional daily paper, while 43% listen to commercial radio (Source:TGI)

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