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Our Products

Exterion Media are a leading out of home media company that captures and captivates the urban audience on the move. We reach over 30 million people working, shopping and playing in urban areas every week. The quality, the nature and the breadth of our assets enables us to offer advertisers a huge range of opportunities to reach and engage the UK’s urban audiences, be that just in London, regionally or on a national scale.

Research shows that the London Underground is the most welcomed advertising medium in the capital, whilst Bus advertising is the most seen of all outdoor formats in urban areas across the UK. Consumers on the move are affluent, educated and ready to be influenced. The more mobile consumers are, the more spontaneous they tend to be, and the more receptive they are to the advertising.

The way to communicate to these consumers is through outdoor advertising that reaches them at the right time and place. Exterion Media provides the opportunity for advertisers to reach and enjoy extended levels of engagement through the most effective formats positioned to reach the UK’s urban audiences.