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ATP World Finals

Masses of spectators fill the O2 arena once again this year for the ATP Finals. In 2016, over 250,000 attendees saw Andy Murray take the stadium, and tournament, by storm dominating Djokovic in the final. Will he be able to reclaim the title this year, or will we see a new champion? Don’t miss the opportunity to capture this engaging audience.

Event Date: November 13th

Campaign Date
: November 6th (in-charge)

Venue: O2 Arena

Site List

North Greenwich domination:

  • 8 x entrance/exit panels (double sided)
  • 1 x large lift vinyl  
  • 6 x pairs of escalator fins
  • 33 x 6 sheets
  • 2x whole runs LEPs (36 panels total)
  • Silver centres
  • Ticket gateways

Download event information below:

ATP Finals pdf

Official ATP World Tour website