National Rail Advertising

Exterion Media's Rail advertising opportunities provide scale and impact across key urban destinations ensuring your brand has a truly national campaign. Our Rail sites can be found in urban environments nationwide including Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, and Bristol. 

Exterion Media Rail Advertising 

The Audience 

  • Professional – 70% of rail users are ABC1 and 74% of ABC1 passengers use trains to commute to work 
  • Affluent – Rail users are likely to earn up to 2x more than the national average 
  • Young – Nearly 50% of 18-24 year olds travel by rail. 

The Environment  

  • Reach – Advertise in stations with high footfalls of 134 million in Scotland, 89 million in the North East, 147 million in the North West, 53 million in Wales, 133 million in the Midlands, 139 million in the South East and 120 million in the South West 
  • Scale – 8.2 million people have seen advertising at railway stations over the past week 
  • Dwell – Passengers spend around 13 minutes in the station and 7 minutes on the platform 
  • Response – Just under 65% of people who have seen rail advertising over the last week have occasionally treated themselves to something they don’t need 
  • Prime audience – 64% of people who have seen advertising at railway stations are ABC1. 

Advertising on our sites has never been simpler, so if you’re looking to advertise within our Rail environment, contact us today to see how we can help you reach your audience. 

Sources: DfT, TGI, ONS

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