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Local Advertising

We know your local audience

Advertise with Exterion Media and your local audience will know you.

Exterion Media is the market leader in Out of Home Advertising on transport networks in all local markets throughout the UK. Over 32 million people in the UK's towns and cities see our adverts in the heart of their community every week. By advertising with us, you can make sure that people in your local area hear what you've got to say as they travel around town.

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What is BSL?

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New to Out of Home? Check out our fun video below which shows the impact your brand can have on an audience. 


Through our online research panel;, we collect information on the likes, dislikes and behaviour of people in your local area. This means that we can plan your advertising, making sure the 

right people, at the right time are being told about your business.

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Reach as many local people, as possible

There are three things you need to consider when advertising your business:

  • 79% of people never read the local newspaper
  • 61% never listen to commercial radio
  • BUT... 87% of people will see Outdoor advertising this week

Advertising with Exterion Media on the
London Underground or local Buses, Train and Trams will expose your business to more people than your local Newspapers and commercial Radio stations, combined. 

There are no hidden costs and we will even help put your advert together, with our free design service.

Contact us to find out more about advertising your business with Exterion Media. Simply fill out the form at the bottom of the page.