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How much does it cost to advertise on buses in Manchester?

Starting from an unbelievable £258 per bus, OOH advertising costs a lot less than you think

Exterion Media offers a wide range of advertising formats/site types to reach the Manchester urban audience starting at an incredible £258.00 per week. This would give you an advert on a single bus on any route within Manchester.

Bus advertising offers a range of sizes, bus numbers and duration.

For example if you wanted to promote your retail business and have identified that your target market are mainly shoppers concentrating within Manchester city centre. Your goal of B2C advertising goal is to convert shoppers into buyers. 

Having your brand or product right in front of your target market could be invaluable in this process. Metroshuttle 1,2 and 3 run through your target area at an interval of 10 minutes. 

This is approximately 18 buses displaying your brand in large format to your potential customers, reminding them of your products or services.

The approximate price for this campaign could be 3 bus routes x 5 buses per route x £258.00 = £3870.00 per week

* Price is quotes on a bus rear. Bus Rears are the most popular ad site type used for OOH advertising on buses in Manchester.  Minimum 16 week period. Please note we cannot guarantee adverts on specific Manchester routes will be available at any given time, however we can guarantee your advert will reach the right audience. Terms & conditions apply.

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Call 0800 80 85 409 or email for more information about how Bus advertising with EM Manchester can work for you. We can also provide you with up to date information about the latest offers.

Below is the full range of advertising formats and campaign lengths in weeks. Remember Exterion Media can take care of all your design and creative input to make your campaign a success.

Other bus advertising options include:

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