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Exterion Media’s retail environments are entertainment destinations that can connect you with a captive audience in an open mindset, in the right environment. 80% of London shoppers agree there is a buzz whilst shopping in central London that they don’t get anywhere else, such as in Westfield London, Westfield Stratford City and One New Change. Our Westfield environment also offer brands a platform for fame to engage with shoppers when they are in the mood to be influenced.  

Retail advertising in Westfield Landmark

The Audience

  • Affluent – 68% of Westfield London shoppers are ABC1, similar to Westfield Stratford City at 60%
  • Wealthy – London shoppers spent £64.2 billion on non-food retail, making it the world’s shopping capital
  • Open-minded – 6 in 10 shoppers are willing to try new things whilst shopping in London
  • Energetic – 97% of shoppers in central London take part in other leisurely activities whilst shopping, and65% of these shoppers are likely to spend more money in central London than in their local high streets.

The Environment

  • Scale – Westfield London and Westfield Stratford City have an estimated combined annual footfall of 60 million  people
  • High dwell time – Westfield London and Westfield Stratford City have an average dwell time of 2 hours and  23 minutes
  • Prime audience – Advertising opportunities across Westfield Stratford City, Westfield London and One New Change means you can attract London’s unique shoppers in highly populated shopping environments
  • Domination – Advertising on the London Underground and on Buses allows you to deliver your message to a prime West End audience en route to their retail destinations.

Our retail advertising opportunities provide you with solutions to reach the most affluent consumers in London. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you reach your audience.

Source: TGI, Economist Intelligence Unit, The Times, Westfield, The London Shopper

  • Our range of large scale retail formats can increase the impact and dominance of your ad at key shopping locations in London where people can engage with your message.

    Westfield Stratford City

    Westfield stratford digital outdoor advertising
    • Attract audiences as they arrive at the shopping centre on the Meridian Square, North Star screens and Stratford Skyline screens
    • Target shoppers with full motion imagery on the Four Dials screen and ensure your message receives high dwell times and real presence in a prime shopping destination.

    Westfield London

    Westfield London impact retail advertising
    • Attract shoppers looking to entertain themselves at the Atrium Landmark in an area with over 50 eateries
    • Gain the attention of 900,000 visitors every fortnight by advertising on the Entrance Landmark before they even begin to shop
    • Broadcast your message on the Centre Display, the UK’s largest HD retail screen, positioned at the centre of Westfield London and engage with prime audiences in West London.
  • Our range of retail frequency sites can help you target affluent London audiences, increase brand awareness and drive purchasing at Westfield London, Westfield Stratford City and One New Change.

    Our retail LCD screens are positioned in the eye line of visitors across all our retail destinations in order to give them maximum standout whilst consumers are out enjoying themselves, and drive impulsiveness at the point of purchase with rich creative copy and persuasive campaigns.

    Westfield Stratford City – LCD Totems

    Westfield Stratford LCD digital retail advertising

    • Target audiences at specific locations through the choice of 100 LCD Totems across Westfield Stratford City.

    Westfield London – LCD Pods

    Westfield London retail digital LCD advertising

    • Engage with the affluent West London shoppers at London's premier mall in Westfield London across 110 screens
    • Combine your campaign with NFC and QR technology to allow quick and easy engagement that’s not available with traditional means.

    One New Change – LCD Screens

    One New Change Digital retail advertising

    • Attract Central London audiences across 14 LCD HD screens in a densely populated area and drive brand awareness by combining LCDs with Bus advertising to target compulsive shoppers looking for things to see and do.
  • Our Creative Solutions team can create unique and memorable consumer experiences for your brand. We can position Westfield as a platform for fame because it offers advertisers the right audience in the right mindset and the right environment, which guarantees both interaction and conversation. Advertisers are tapping into the fact that shopping has become a new entertainment channel and Westfield is at the forefront of this emerging trend. Contact us to learn more about this opportunity. 


    Lynx Apollo 

    Westfield Platform for Fame Lynx Apollo

    Rizzle Kicks NFC

    Westfield Rizzle Kicks NFC

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