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HSEQ Manager

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Purpose of the role

•Responsible for ensuring the effective management of the company’s Health, Safety and Environment responsibilities in Exterion Media’s Regional Service Delivery Operations, involving our Bus and Network Rail (excluding London Overground) business and for supporting other Exterion Media UK HSEQ activities.

•Provide professional expertise to ensure Exterion Media UK has effective processes and procedures in place to comply with any Health, Safety and Environmental requirements, in particular those relating to its Bus and Rail activities.

•Working closely with the Operational Management team, support their improvement of HSE performance through effective communication, direction, awareness and encouragement to achieve compliance to standards and year-on-year improvements in performance.

•Ensure sure HSE policies and procedures, including risk assessments and method statements, are fit for the purpose and effectively applied to ensure the health and safety of our and customer employees, contractors, visitors and members of the public who may be effected by the company’s activities.

•Support the approved contractor and supplier process through HSE performance assessment, inspection and auditing.

•Provide professional HSE support and advice to other support department (such as HR, Legal, Sales and Marketing as examples).

•Audit that all staff are sufficiently trained and competent in their HSE responsibilities.

•Provide support and direction to ensure that the company meets the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 Standards.

Measures of success

Bus and Rail Network business compliance to Legal and customer HSE requirements. Continuing improvement in HSE performance of Exterion Media’s Bus and Rail Network business and maintenance of accreditation to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 Standards, RISQS and any other required accreditation.


•Effective liaison with internal and external stakeholders

•Close liaison with Operational and Facilities functions, customer HSE professionals, Union Representatives and relevant 3rd party suppliers to ensure Exterion Media’s compliance to all applicable health & safety and environment requirements.

Operational Excellence

•Ensuring maintenance of company accreditation to OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, ISO 9001 standards

•Customer specific requirements, including applicable network rail group standards and applicable legislative requirements (Including RISQS / Sentinel Scheme etc

•Support relevant Exterion Media project activities and CDM 2015 requirements.

•As part of PDCA cycle, carry out Internal audits, contractor/ supplier assessments and audits in line with established company standards.

Duties and Responsibilities

Reflected in the purpose of the role and in the below RACI matrix making reference to OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001. (R = responsible, A = accountable, C= consulted, I= informed)



•Empowers individuals and teams to take ownership of health, safety and environmental activities in their part of the business, able to delegate whilst ensuring quality, on-target results.

•Provides candid, constructive feedback to drive high performance.

•Establishes an inclusive atmosphere to build high levels of engagement.

•Interacts personally and sensitively with others and exudes a team spirit.

•Assumes personal responsibility and accountability; takes the initiative on appropriate decisions.

Strategic Thinking:

•Translates the vision into a strategic framework with clear, achievable steps for implementation using departmental knowledge and a broad understanding of the business.

•Identifies strengths and weaknesses of a particular approach and is able to suggest modifications that add to the overall strategic plan.

•Examines issues from a broad perspective, considering impact beyond immediate scope.

•Modifies plans accordingly to respond to new information.

•Identifies gaps/inconsistencies between the strategy and how it is being carried out. Develops solutions to keep things on track, speed implementation and create results.

Achieving Results:

•Develops appropriate metrics to assess and drive improvement in business performance.

•Steers and directs the operational team in maintaining focus and taking accountability for their HSE priorities and goals.

•Quickly assimilates new challenges into own workload and sets clear objectives for task completion.

•Being aware of the need to minimise costs and constantly seeking way to improve business efficiency with a focussed drive towards maximising revenues and profits


•Mitigates risks associated with the introduction of different approaches.

•Recommends significant changes and developments to existing plans to executive management.

Critical Thinking:

•Identifies solutions, assesses options by performing cost-benefit analysis, and makes appropriate risk-reward decisions based on business strategy.

•Draws on own and others’ knowledge and experience for problem-solving activities.

•Considers the impact of decisions on others and makes timely decisions.

•Makes complex analysis based on economic and commercial considerations.

Effective Communication:

•Directs meetings with clarity and precise use of language and direction.

•Conveys messages in an impactful, candid and credible manner through a variety of means and ensures effective communication through appropriate channels.

•Gains respect and attention and is able to influence others to accomplish desired results.

•Delivers messages tailored appropriately for the audience.

•Challenges in a compelling and tactful manner.

Client/Partner Focused:

•Understands and articulates customer needs and expectations and translates these into departmental and business responses.

•Understands how customers perceive our business versus that of competitors

•Initiates, understands and responds to detailed analysis of client needs and priorities in order to set and maintain a competitive advantage for the business.

•Establishes clear customer satisfaction measures/standards, and maintains focus and accountability against them.

•Establishes strong client intimacy in order to be aware of needs and opportunities.

•Is insightful about the current market-place, through maintenance of strong formal and informal network/relationships.


• Manages potentially conflicting priorities and focus to reach a positive outcome for all.

• Listens and respond positively to challenge, compromise and makes win-win decisions in order to achieve.

• Works with, and through other managers on projects and tasks, and seeks input and advice from colleagues.

• Proactively seeks and shares best practice and learning from self and peers.

• Raises difficult issues with colleagues and develop positive outcomes.

• Shares information and resources readily; avoids and actively discourages inter-departmental conflict and controversy.

Personal Characteristics

•Assertive, confident, able to influence and provide motivation

•A good communicator both verbally and in writing, able to develop and sustain excellent working relationships with managers and staff as well as external clients and suppliers.

•A capacity to learn quickly, translate theory into practical actions and adapt to changing circumstances

•Adaptable to changing situations and priorities, able to handle different priorities and deliver results in an effective and timely way.

•Able to work effectively as the sole SME for a part of the business and contribute effectively to both the HSEQ and the Operations Service Delivery teams

•Comfortable with managing meetings and to presenting to senior manager

•Able to represent the Company in a positive manner externally with Franchise Partners, 3rd party suppliers and relevant stakeholders

•Be flexible in their approach to working hours

•Passionate about Behavioural Safety to drive improvements in safety culture and attitudes towards safety.

•Ability to quickly identify and manage health & safety and environment issues and provide a pragmatic solution to them.


•Minimum of 5 years in a health & safety and environment role

•Experience of managing HS&E in a highly regulated environment such as the rail network

•Experience of audit methodology and of ensuring ISO 9001, 14001 & OHSAS18001 accreditation

•Experience of managing health & safety and environment issues across a multi-site organisation across a variety of environments

•Understands electrical and other compliance testing.


•A professional H&S Qualification – Degree, NEBOSH Diploma, or Certificate with experience

•A professional Environmental qualification – Degree/ IEMA Certificate/ Diploma

•Lead Auditor qualification (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 or OHSAS 18001)

•Recognised accreditation to professional HSE organisations (e.g. CMIOSH, MIIRM, IEMA Environmental Practitioner, MIEMA)

•Holding a valid Sentinel access card (NR & TfL competencies) would be advantageous