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Spectrum Shifts

We know that in this technological era, brands and consumers alike are grappling with changes that are slowly transforming their behaviour and attitudes to the world around them.

To help make sense of some of these changes we’re witnessing, we worked with the Future Foundation to identify key evolving and emerging trends that are set to influence the future landscape for brands and advertisers most significantly.

Spectrum Shifts

A 4G Future

The progression and speed of technology is facilitating rapid change. We now use mobiles to entertain us in a myriad of ways on the go, to connect instantly to content, offers and personal networks, and 4G is set to revolutionise this again.

A ‘4G Future’ will shape much of how consumers approach and interact with brands over the rest of this decade. Alongside this the relevance and opportunities for media, and in particular Out-of-Home, are expanding to provide new opportunities for targeted and impactful consumer engagement.

Set against the backdrop of a 4G Future, we shortlisted five spectrum shifts we think will have the most impact on our landscape:

  • Consumers have found controlling the online flow of their personal data a difficult and not necessarily benefit-rich task. In the coming years, pressure will be placed on brands to allow consumers a much higher degree of control and choice over how data is used in exchange and the personalised benefits they receive.

  • Whilst technology is opening-up our worlds, consumers are increasingly open to discovering targeted offers or unexpected opportunities and experiences in their immediate vicinity.

  • With personal ownership of multiple gadgets and multi-platform media consumption increasing, consumers are more empowered than ever to choose the platforms, time of day, format and length of the media they consume.

  • The act of being at play has long since been transformed from niche behaviour into a mainstream activity.

  • As the marketing landscape becomes more integrated, brands are focusing on how to enable consumers to shop seamlessly across platforms – however this is easier said than done and seamless integration continues to be both a key focus and a significant challenge.

Contact us to find out more about our Spectrum Shifts study, including how each of these trends relate to Out-of-Home specifically.

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