Bright future ahead for the innovative digital billboards on Paris' ring road

Building on their national digital roadside network, Exterion Media France recently launched 16 digital billboards on the Peripherique, the ring road that circles the city of Paris. Situated near the on and off ramps, the four high profile locations have been strategically picked to reach a valuable audience in an extended and engaging way.

Parisians spend a lot of time in their cars, especially when they are on their way to and from work. Between 7am and 10am the traffic can be very heavy and slow-moving, and averages only 33 kilometres an hour. With an estimated 1.3 million vehicles travelling this road every day, the potential for the digital screens to catch drivers’ attention is huge.

The billboards have been installed in groups to maximise impact and enhance creativity. Advertisers have the ability to dynamically show their content across the group of screens, telling a story as traffic passes. Alternatively they can choose to synchronize their content to create a high impact and lasting impression, promoting their brand in a truly unmissable way.

These innovative and attention-grabbing digital billboards have a bright future ahead. Exterion Media plans to extend the network to 27 by the end of the year.

* V-Traffic Letat du traffic en Ile-de-France, 2014

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Key Stats

1.3 million

vehicles travel on the Peripherique every day


The average travelling speed of vehicles between 7am and 10am on the Peripherique

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