Calzedonia utilises unique OOH advertising format Les Ecrins

Using a unique outdoor advertising format called “Les Ecrins”, the Italian beachwear and legwear brand Calzedonia differentiated themselves from their competitors by integrating their advertising campaign into the Parisian urban landscape. 

Calzedonia secured the exclusivity of one of Exterion Media France’s Ecrin walls, and hand-picked rue de Passy, a strategic address in the heart of Paris as the location for their campaign. Rue de Passy is a key location for Calzedonia as it is in close proximity to one of their flagship stores. This enables customers and potential customers the opportunity to visit the store and experience the products in person, within moments of seeing the ad. 

To optimise Calzedonia’s brand exposure, Exterion Media France also produced a sticker of the Calzedonia logo and placed it in a prominent position on the Ecrin glass. This is the first time Exterion has produced this for an advertiser, and it ensures that as the campaign scrolls through the two impactful creatives, Calzedonia’s brand remains visible and dominant at all times. 

This exclusive and innovative advertising campaign allows Calzedonia to get fantastic visibility and continuous brand exposure in an extremely unique location!

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Key Info


A one of a kind OOH advertising format in a unique location

Continuous brand exposure

The brand remains visible and dominant at all times

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