• Fanta 6 sheet PurchasePoint
  • Sprite Tesco NI StorePoints
  • Tesco NI trolley handle advert

Coca-Cola: Dominating Tesco Northern Ireland with Point of Sale Solutions

Coca-Cola brands including Sprite, Fanta and Diet Coke dominated Tesco stores across Northern Ireland through use of Exterion Media’s suite of Point of Sale Solution formats.

From January through to March, the combined use of PurchasePoints 6 sheets, StorePoints and Trolley Handles at Northern Ireland’s largest supermarket chain, ensured the brands were unmissable to shoppers, both as they entered the store,and throughout their time in-store. All key moments when shoppers are making important purchase decisions.

The premium PurchasePoints 6 sheets and StorePoints located at store entrances, delivered impact on entry to the store, whilst Trolley Handles providedextended dwell time for the brand right along the shoppers’ journey throughout the store.

The campaign was planned and bought by Mediacom and Kinetic Ireland.

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