Connolly Station gets a tyranno-tastic makeover for Jurassic World

To mark the release of the Universal Picture movie Jurassic World, Exterion Media Ireland completely transformed Connolly Station in Dublin.

From June 1st to June 14th, commuters at Connolly Station were greeted by eye-catching branded vinyl at the glass entrance accompanied by hanging banners and floor graphics on the main station concourse. The experience continued as they passed through wrapped ticket barriers and travelled on the dinosaur-themed escalators.

Passengers were truly given the full Jurassic experience as wrapped tunnelled walkways echoed the sound of dinosaurs and walls throughout the station were fully wrapped with Jurassic World branding.

With as many as 300,000 passengers passing through Connolly Station every two weeks, it is the perfect location to grab the attention of affluent ABC1 film lovers.   

The experience was a hit with fans, with many commuters tweeting pictures and expressing their excitement for the film.

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