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Engaging international OOH campaign deployed by an Italian fashion brand

We live in a globalised world and therefore it’s crucial that brands consider all the advertising opportunities available in order to create maximum brand reach. Calzedonia, an Italian clothing company that specialises in legwear & beachwear, is a great example of a brand that has capitalised on international advertising opportunities.

From its impactful ads on the London Underground to the ads on Valencia buses and the Parisian ‘Ecrins’ wall, Calzedonia has deployed Out-of-Home advertising across a variety of assets and capital cities in order to engage with a wide European audience.

Calzedonia deployed a campaign at Oxford Circus tube station to reach consumers whilst they were in a spending mind-set on the busiest shopping street in Europe. The 5 Ways at Oxford Circus is one of the many immersive opportunities that Exterion Media UK offers at iconic London stations. Calzedonia also activated advertising across T-Side bus formats, reaching a wide audience as it travelled through the Capital. 85% of Londoners prefer buses with advertising (WSP), which demonstrates the power of this OOH platform. Calzedonia also used Exterion Media’s LCD screens at Westfield London, the number one shopping centre in the UK, which is home to more than 300 shops. These screens are in the perfect environment for engaging with an affluent shopper audience.

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Calzedonia generated French national coverage by advertising on the impactful 8m2 billboards. The billboards were strategically positioned in close proximity to its point of sales to drive potential customers into the stores. The Italian brand also utilised an ‘Ecrin’ wall, a unique format integrated into the urban landscape, allowing fantastic visibility for the brand.

In Valencia, Spain, three million people recall seeing bus adverts in the last week (AIMC marcas). Calzedonia took advantage of this opportunity to engage with Valencia’s urban audiences through impactful rear bus wraps – another effective way to engage with international city audiences.

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