Playboy: Augmented Reality in the Netherlands

In February 2013 Exterion Media joined with Playboy to create an interactive campaign promoting a special edition of their magazine which had augmented reality incorporated into every page. 

Once passers-by had downloaded the layer app to their smartphone or tablet, they were able to scan the Outdoor campaign using the app and see the three Playboy bunnies on the advert will come alive. Out of the 31 countries worldwide where Playboy magazine is published, the Netherlands was the chosen location to run their first interactive campaign.

Marketing Manager, Jochem Dielemans, at Playboy said “Together with Lime Bizz (Augmented reality agency) and the team at Playboy, we embrace the opportunities that Layar offers because it really adds value to the magazine. Because we also want the magazine to be seen by a larger audience, we chose an Outdoor campaign with CBS Outdoor, because they are leaders in innovative, interactive campaigns”.

Guy Grimmelt, Marketing and Business Development Director of CBS Outdoor Netherlands also comments, “Playboy has displayed unique content for those who want to interact with the brand, which enriches their campaign. Augmented Reality with outdoor advertising delivers real engagement with the audience.”

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