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Why do Holiday and Travel Brands Capitalise on OOH?

With a 10% increase in people taking trips during the first eight months of 2015 (Mintel), overseas holidays are now more popular than ever!

According to Exterion Media UK’s award-winning consumer panel, work.shop.play., in 2015 89% of UK urbanites went on holiday and 44% went on a short holiday abroad, which increased to 62% among Tube users.

This research has also revealed that daydreaming is a key part of Londoners’ day-to-day. 84% of these urbanites admit to daydreaming about their holidays, with work being the favourite place to dream (52%), followed by  the commute to work (45%) and on public transport (41%).

Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising plays an important role in a commuter’s holiday inspiration. A quarter of Londoners said advertising on public transport prompts them to start thinking about a holiday, more so than advertising seen on TV and in magazines, according to work.shop.play..

The Dominican Republic Tourist Board capitalised on this opportunity by deploying an OOH campaign on the London Underground, enabling it to engage with this influential audience. 

This multinational advertiser is also currently utilising Paris’ Opera Garnier canvas, an impactful asset within an exceptional location in the heart of Paris and at the centre of bustling economic activity. With holiday and travel brands promoting their sales during these months, this platform provides great visibility for brands who want to engage with urban audiences in the right mindset. The Dominican Republic Tourist Board has advertised in other European countries, deploying tram wraps in Rotterdam and bus advertising in Amsterdam. 

This is a great example of a brand engaging with a wide European audience through various OOH platforms. 

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  • Sector: Travel
  • Client: Dominican Republic
  • Date: January 2016

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