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WNL: Innovative Audience Engagement

In 2014, the Dutch television and radio broadcasting company WNL ran an innovative Exposurebox campaign in front of one of the biggest household product fairs in Holland, Amsterdam’s de Huishoudbeurs.

To engage the 220,000 visitors to the fair, the Exposurebox created a temporary exhibition space from which a promotional team invited passers-by to have a free coffee and sign up to receive WNL broadcasts. Members of the public could sign up to WNL for €6 with this money then being donated to a charity of their choice, the most popular being the ‘Make a Wish Foundation’ with 175 donations.

In total 384 people signed up to WNL at the Exposurebox, and 5,000 cups of coffee were served.

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Key Stats:


cups of coffee served


people signed-up to WNL

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