Exterion Media UK develops new talent through university partnerships

Exterion Media employees were reminded of their student days recently with an educational visit to the University of South Wales (USW) and Bournemouth University (BU). 

Master’s and Undergraduate students were set a brief by Paul Cranwell, Business Director Wales and West in collaboration with university lecturers Lee Thomas (USW) and Don Parker (BU), challenging them to think both strategically and creatively about Outdoor advertising using Exterion Media’s portfolio.

The students were given a brand category, and asked to select a client (either local or national) that Exterion Media could target for future business. They were shown a variety of research tools, including our own work.shop.play. dashboard to help them in their task. The project culminated in pitch-style presentations from the students for their chosen client, which will contribute towards their overall grade for the qualification. 

Over the past 2 weeks a team of Exterion Media employees went to each university to watch these presentations and provide constructive feedback to not only prepare them for future jobs in the advertising industry but also assist lecturers with grading.

Don Parker, a Senior Lecturer in Marketing Communications at BU and one of the course leaders said, “This has been a really great day for the new MA Advertising course and this project is the first time BU have worked with Exterion. If they think it’s been successful this will be a great platform, the beginning of an ongoing relationship that displays BU’s principle of Fusion.” 

Paul Cranwell said, “Our industry needs fresh thinking. It’s a brave new world. We gave the students an open brief and it’s been great to see some real talent coming through these students. As an exercise it’s been really brilliant working with the universities.”

Exterion Media is committed to developing the next generation of media professionals and these partnerships are a reflection of this. By nurturing new talent, Exterion Media – and the wider media industry – will build a strong foundation for future growth.

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