Exterion Media International: reach the right audience abroad

Today, consumers are spending more and more time out of their homes whether they are commuting to work, going shopping or taking a leisurely stroll - and it’s becoming increasingly difficult for brands to engage with them.

However, did you know that 78% of European consumers expect to see large brands advertised on Outdoor advertising platforms? In fact, 72% of European consumers aged 18-34 have taken some form of action after seeing a large billboard poster.


Outdoor advertising offers an opportunity to reach this busy audience while they are on the move. Exterion Media has a wide variety of advertising solutions for all of the markets in which we operate in. Whether you choose our digital formats in London, capitalise on one of our impactful canvases in the heart of Paris, or dominate a key train station in Dublin - our portfolio of advertising solutions is growing and we continue to be leaders in foreign innovation and creativity.

We help clients run campaigns in countries they are not present in – by importing and exporting campaigns into foreign countries. Our passionate and knowledgeable international sales team is expert in offering opportunities for Outdoor advertising based on the characteristics of each particular market. We can help you connect with the urban public in different parts of Europe.

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