Exterion Media´s data is driving an Out-of-Home advertising revolution

At Exterion Media, insight is well and truly at the heart of our business.

We use data to ensure our clients and agencies communicate with their target audiences in the most optimal manner. This is not just by ensuring that campaigns are efficiently delivered but also that the message being delivered is contextually relevant based on time and location, delivering a better ROI.

In our journey to become a Digital Media Company, we are investing heavily in data which contributes to the development of our Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) offering.


We’ve recently developed a wealth of new data tools available:

In the UK, our targeting capabilities against Mosaic Types (UK cross-channel consumer classification) are not just for London Underground; Bus and Rail are also available. Our partnerships with Experian, Transport for London and Office for National Statistics provide us with the right data to reach our clients target audience.

Exterion Media Netherlands now offers the option to book programmatic Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) campaigns, through our partnership with different DSPs that enables a hyper-focused and contextual approach. Landal GreenParks, the biggest European network of holiday villages, was the launch partner. Since then, we have seen a lot of big brands starting programmatic campaigns including Coca-Cola, Ikea, Tele 2 and Peugeot. 

Advertisers in The Netherlands can deploy a multi-week campaign across our strategically-located street furniture, digital screens at railway stations and shopping centre formats, with the objective to maintain the same reach for a longer period. This will effectively boost brand awareness and remain longer in the front of audiences’ minds. All brands deploying this kind of campaign, for example Marley Spoon, Unilever and Radio 538, see a significantly elevated and prolonged effect on their KPIs including brand recognition and sales figures.

Exterion Media Netherlands has partnered with the research and analytics agency, Memo2, to launch The Outdoor Ad Impact Forecaster”. This is a new, quick and unique way of predicting the impact of an Out-of-Home (OOH) campaign. The Forecaster makes it possible to generate a reliable and valid prediction regarding the impact of a traditional outdoor campaign, within 48 hours. The prediction is based on over 300 outdoor effectiveness measurements conducted by MeMo² in collaboration with Exterion Media, which have been processed with a data prediction tool.

Geobus, the audience measurement tool for Outdoor advertising in Spain (very similar to the tool Route in the UK), marks a turning point in planning Outdoor and provides a single source of robust data for Out-of-Home in the Spanish market. Exterion Media Spain has launched it as the first measurement tool for bus audiences in Spain. We can now plan by audience for the first time whilst incorporating geographical and timing elements too.

Our partnership with Kairos Fire in Exterion Media France allows retailers to measure the impact of billboard campaign calculating the percentage of individuals who passed by our billboards and then went to point of sale.

Data opens up new creative possibilities and, to date, we have only seen a fraction of these possibilities- watch this space!

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