How does OOH engage with the right audience?

One key challenge for advertisers is to engage with the right audience, at the right time in the right place. Out of Home advertising (OOH) reaches a very diverse audience all over the world thanks to a variety of formats and assets making it easier for brands to engage with their consumers; from roadside to transport networks and retail spaces, the opportunities are endless.

Exterion Media provide an extended level of engagement throughout five European markets: the UK, France, the Netherlands, Spain and Ireland. Let’s have a look at each one and see how brands can engage with their audience in an impactful way.

If brands want to reach a young, high earning population, then London really is the place to be. London generates more than a fifth of the total UK economy and 43% of Londoners are aged between 20 and 44 years old. Reaching affluent people in the London Underground has never been so easy with 74% of all Tube users being ABC1s. So, how do brands engage with this valuable audience? Interactive and impressive formats allow greater opportunities for brands to capture the attention of the target audience. 

London isn't the only city that brands can have an impact and reach their audience; Paris is one of the world’s megacities with a population of 10.7 million people. However, due to the high population, communicating in the French capital city can be ambitious. Brands will need to stand out from the urban landscape and interact with people on the move. Creative solutions allow this engagement. 

Ecrins de Paris Dior RT

Looking more specifically at the Dutch population, 82 % of the Dutch population can be reached through OOH with 77% of the urban audience in the Netherlands owning a smart device. It will go without saying that the best way to engage with this audience is to use innovative and impactful interactive campaigns. Advancements in technology and the growth of digital allow the Outdoor market to constantly innovate. It allows brands to be more interactive with their audience; from this, a deeper engagement can be achieved with a hyperconnected and tech-savy audience. Social media can also generate huge brand exposure.

Minions Netherlands Campaign

With 77% of the Spanish population living in cities, clearly this provides a great opportunity for a brand to advertise and engage with its audience. However it is important to realise, the competition is high and so brands need to stand out. The bus format has a high rate of ad-recall and would generate an amazing impact. By advertising on this giant moving platform, brands can create a unique design and stand out amongst the crowd in Spanish cities.

For those brands wanting to advertise in Ireland, it is worth noting that 28% of the population live in Dublin and more than 40% of the live within 100km of this capital city. Train stations are the perfect location for advertisers to grab the attention of the Irish audience; 300,000 travellers pass through Connolly station every two weeks!  A brand can completely dominate a station, making it difficult for all these people to miss. With a high impact canvas at the entrance of the station audiences can also interact with branded ticket gateways, station pillars and bespoke vinyl panels.

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