Imperial War Museums takes centenary commemoration to the London Underground

Exterion Media has announced a partnership with Imperial War Museums (IWM) to commemorate the centenary of the First World War. The partnership brings a series of short films focusing on some of the more intriguing and surprising stories surrounding the Great War, to the Cross-Track Projection (XTP) screens at London Underground stations.

The content spots were created by IWM and come in 20 second episodes, taking advantage of the average of 3 minutes consumers spend on platforms waiting for a train*. They contain rare photos and remarkable facts about the First World War, many of which are related to the modern day life of a typical Tube commuter. The first episode was broadcast on 17th June and can be seen on screens at Underground stations across central London. A new episode will be broadcast every Tuesday for 12 weeks.

Jane Richardson, Marketing Manager at Imperial War Museums said: “The First World War was a landmark event, which changed the world for ever. A hundred years on, it is through the stories, moments and photos from that time that we can get a glimpse into what life was like for the generation who lived, fought, died and survived the war. Everyone is connected to the war, whether through their own family history, the way in which it shaped life today, or through their local communities and how they were affected.

We are delighted to be partnering with Exterion Media, to be able to take the vivid photos in IWM’s collections into London, and we hope that commuters over the coming months, will get a new glimpse of the war, through themes they can relate to.”

Simon Harrington, Marketing Director at Exterion Media comments, “XTP is an effective way of engaging the many Londoners on an Underground platform as they wait for their next train. As a result, we are thrilled to partner with Imperial War Museums in a campaign that is not only uniquely visual, but also culturally educational. The partnership gives commuters snippets around a hugely important part of the UK’s history, while it also showcases the flexible nature of our London Underground screens to advertisers.”

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*Source: TfL

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