Lenovo creates Spectacular in Amsterdam to promote Yoga 3 Pro

To promote their Yoga 3 Pro laptop with its 360 degree rotatable screen, Lenovo teamed up with Exterion Media Netherlands to create a truly original campaign. Using an everyday park bench placed at various angles, the campaign aimed to demonstrate how the Yoga 3 Pro can be used in every possible position- from standing up to lying down or even upside down. The concept was created through a brainstorming session between Lenovo and Exterion to design a truly original, standout idea. The campaign ran for two weeks next to Amsterdam Zuid station, located in the capital’s major Zuidas business district.

lenovo 2

Ruben Juninck, Consumer Marketing Manager at Lenovo, commented: "Exterion Media has made a very strong link between our products, our campaign and the possibilities of OOH. At Lenovo, we have the next generation of Yoga laptops tablets that are so flexible, no matter how you as a consumer use the product. Through this Spectacular, Exterion has found an impactful way found to make this clear to consumers - great cooperation, with a great result. "

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