PepsiCo uses programmatic Digital Out-of-Home for their latest brand campaign

PepsiCo ran a multi-channel campaign in the Netherlands which included Exterion Media’s digital products. Alongside this, they also used mobile and experiential advertising aiming to reach their target audience and continue the battle against their well-known ´red competitor´…

Tesla and Edison, Sherlock and Moriarty, Star Wars and Star Trek - the world is full of rivalries. This includes Pepsi and Coca-Cola. Adding fuel to the fire of this rivalry, PepsiCo launched one of their better-known campaigns from the 70s: the Pepsi Tasting Challenge.

This was kickstarted at a number of Dutch train stations where people were challenged to taste a glass of Pepsi and a glass of Coca-Cola, both of which were unbranded. Participants were then asked to indicate their preference. This classic and compelling campaign was immediately a great success and despite the boost in brand recognition, PepsiCo wanted to generate even more reach. This led to their next creative step, carried out by OMD Netherlands, to retarget the people who took part in the Pepsi Tasting Challenge.

To implement this, they used Exterion Media’s digital screens across six different shopping centres in Amsterdam, Utrecht, The Hague and Rotterdam. The shopping centres were chosen based on whether they had a supermarket within them to stimulate purchase intent.

Instead of using every digital screen throughout the day, PepsiCo enabled DSP Platform 161 for a hyper-focused and contextual approach. When people participated in the Pepsi Tasting Challenge, a unique ID was logged from several apps using Resono beacon technology. The Digital Out-of-Home campaign was then triggered when one of these participants walked into the mall. 

Programmatic campaigns enable brands to achieve their objectives as well as being cost-effective. For PepsiCo, this particular campaign was highly effective and certainly attracted the attention of the public.

"We are looking at retargeting in a completely different way, now that we know how flexible Digital Out-of-Home programmatic can be bought in. The digital screens from Exterion Media were an innovative and creative addition to the Pepsi campaign" – says Danique Steur, Senior Programmatic Specialist, Omnicom Media Group.

"With programmatic Digital Out-of-Home, we were able to be extremely relevant to our audience without having to spend huge amounts. In the future we are definitely going to continue to innovate with these kinds of campaigns. "-added, Michiel Otten, Brand Manager - Beverages, PepsiCo.

Whilst raising brand awareness with Digital Out-of-Home campaigns are still an important part of a brand’s marketing strategy, data-driven programmatic campaigns are becoming more frequently used as they look to find more efficient and creative ways to share their stories.


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