Summer in the city

The summer months bring with them warmer weather, longer days and an increase in tourists, making Out-of-Home (OOH) the right platform to reach audiences who are out and about more than ever in our key European capitals.

Using our very own audience behavioural insight tool (Abi), we analysed mobile network and web behaviour data to learn more about travel patterns across London Underground. We have identified an increase in the concentration of international tourists across  London Underground, zone 1. 

The five busiest London Underground stations in zone 1 in the summer months are Victoria, Paddington, King’s Cross St. Pancras, Oxford Circus and South Kensington. These London Underground stations connect London’s city centre with main London airports, busiest shopping locations and cultural attractions. 
• On average, 15 million international travellers are using London Underground’s zone 1 every month! Our analysis found the top nationalities were Italian, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, American, Swedish, Irish, Norwegian and Chinese.

London Underground presents a great platform for brands, allowing many opportunities to reach this valuable international audience on the move during summer.

Paris is one of the world's most visited cities and home to some of our most iconic formats which are located on historical monuments in centrally-located areas in Paris.  

• With an average of 7.3 million visitors in 2016, the Louvre, is the World’s most visited museum and 3rd most popular monument in Paris
• From this summer, advertisers can capitalise on the spectacular 600sqm canvas available on the Louvre. 

Last summer, Madrid was one of the most visited destinations by tourists.

• According to the Hotel Occupancy Survey, the capital received 2.2 million visitors in June, July and August.
• More than half of Madrid’s population and visitors saw Bus advertising last summer. With nearly 400 million passengers transported in 2016 and advertising opportunities for brands on 2000 buses, EMT network provides extended levels of engagement with the Spanish audience as well as numerous tourists and international audiences.

According to Tourism of Ireland, almost 9.5 million tourists visited Ireland in 2015. 52% of these tourists chose Dublin as their holiday destination. 

• Carrying over 2 million passengers this year, Aircoach is an important mode of transport that shuttles people to and from the airport - giving brands the opportunity to stand-out and engage with international audiences across the city. 
• Nearly 500,000 of adults saw Aircoach advertising last week, and 2/3 of this audience is aged 16 – 34.
• 26% of people have noticed advertising on their way to the airport, with a further 35% spotting Aircoach OOH advertising at the airport itself. 
• 78% of audiences agreed that Aircoach’s large size made them stop and look at the ads displayed, and 86% were aware that big brands advertised on Aircoach. With such overwhelming positive feedback, displaying your campaign on Aircoach can lead to heightened audience engagement.

Amsterdam is a popular tourist destination in Europe, receiving more than 4.63 million international visitors annually, excluding the 16 million day trippers visiting the city every year, according to NBTC Holland Marketing. 

From street furniture, digital screens in Amsterdam Central Station and shopping centres, to bus advertising and national rail panels, a brand’s message can reach 65% of Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. This is an audience that consists of engaged tourists and high-earning workers and shoppers.

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