The endless opportunities of DOOH

Enhancements in digital technologies and their integration into Out-of-Home have allowed brands to interact with their consumers in many creative ways. Advertisers can now display dynamic content on digital screens to interact in real time with their consumers. They can adapt their creatives according to the daypart or to a particular event. DOOH allows brands to engage with the hyper connected audience on the move.

At Exterion Media, we are constantly developing our international digital portfolio to ensure brands are engaging their audiences in the most relevant and effective way possible. Through our extensive opportunities, we are at the forefront of exciting innovations. We reach a very diverse audience throughout the main European markets.

The Entrance Landmark at Westfield London is an example of one of Exterion Media UK’s impactful assets as it is the largest advertising format in any UK retail location. It provides brands with a dual solution for creative messages through both digital and static offerings. The high definition digital screen along with impressive print can create huge standout and brand awareness. This is a great way to engage with the affluent and hyper connected shopper.


Building on their national digital roadside network, Exterion Media France launched 28 digital billboards on the ring road that circles the city of Paris. They have been installed in groups to maximise impact and encourage creativity. Advertisers can choose to synchronize their content across the screens to create a high impact impression, promoting their brand in a truly unmissable way.


In June 2015, Exterion Media Netherlands launched 11 digital screens in Amsterdam Centraal station. Launch partners Google, Coca-Cola, Amstel, T-Mobile and UPI were the first to deploy advertising across the 70” screens at this optimum location, the IJhal. These innovative digital billboards have a bright future ahead; plans are being put into place to extend this network in Amsterdam Centraal station.


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