The emerging Digital OOH market in France is an important one. Audiences notice digital ads, and this creates a more impactful message for your brand.

66.9% of French people asked said that digital screens make brands more innovative and create a greater awareness of brands that use them. 64.6% of French people are also more likely to engage with ads on digital screens, as they reported that animated visual ads were more attractive. With 38 digital billboards across the country, you can create your campaign in the right place at the right time.

The Paris ring road is an important Digital placement area. It is Europe’s busiest ring road with 1.3 million vehicles per day, so this heavy and often slow-moving traffic gives you great access to an important consumer audience. We have 28 billboards in place around the ring road which display from 6am to midnight, allowing you to engage with different audiences at different times of day.


We offer options in terms of number of screens and location, so get in touch, choose your site and let us showcase your campaign

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