Local Networks

Exterion Media’s expert knowledge of local communities will allow you to create targeted campaigns for specific people and places. Our bespoke networks target your chosen audience in prime locations.

Our local offer consists of three different concepts. Our first offer, Impact, powers the full local network and allows you to create impactful campaigns across the local area. Our 35 000 nationwide billboards will make sure that you target the area your campaign needs. Make your ad stand out from the urban landscape and advertise on our 8m2 billboards.

Local Networks

Connect, our second local offer, puts the focus near the consumption areas. This is perfect for specific, strategically-targeted OOH ads when you know exactly where your target audience is. Our large format 8m2 billboards across the country grab people’s attention – 2/3 of French people notice ads on large format display in cities or roadsides, allowing you to engage effectively with your consumers.

Our Must local offer places your campaign in premium, more centrally-located positions of cities countrywide. Connect with your urban audience and showcase your brand on our large format 8m2 billboards. 78% of European consumers expect to see big brands on Outdoor advertising, so our billboards are the perfect way to fulfil your consumers’ desires. 

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