National Networks

Our national networks boast 35 000 panels, allowing you to engage with France on a countrywide level. With Exterion Media you can reach millions of consumers in densely populated areas. Create your wide-reaching, powerful campaign with us and make your brand famous.

We offer several national networks and options to target specific audiences in accordance with your objectives. All our 8m2 scrolling, illuminated billboards offer maximum visibility and impact as well as creating strong brand and image awareness. Our billboards deliver high reach and frequency. 

National Networks

Choose our Must package for best visibility. This allows you to communicate on a network of 100% 8m2 scrolling billboards across 49 areas of 100 000+ inhabitants, ensuring that your message is delivered to a large target audience. Our Must package achieves 272 521 000 contacts and attracts an audience of 17 662 000, which is perfect for a campaign on a large scale.

With a network of 8m2 scrolling billboards concentrated in the heart of 49 areas of 100 000+ inhabitants, Must Avenue is the Exterion Media package for big, brand-focused campaigns. Reach your target urban audience with 76.2% coverage and 220 549 000 contacts. This package attracts an audience of 16 545 000, allowing you to make an impact in the most important places.

Must Activ’ provides stand-out short-term OOH advertising that reaches the core of France’s urban communities. Enhance your brand for 16 weeks a year on 8m2 scrolling billboards and enjoy the brief, powerful impact that you require. With 72.3% coverage, 153 893 000 contacts and an audience of 15 711 000, create brand awareness or celebrate your newest product in the most effective way with Must Activ’.

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