Spectacular Formats in Paris

Big, bright and bold – spectacular formats in Paris are a key focus point for Exterion Media. 

Our Ecrin Walls display the opulence and beauty of this capital city, and this is something that brands want to make the most of. We combine premium, carefully -selected addresses with specific designs as backgrounds. This special format allows brands to stand out and associate their image with the jewel of a city that is Paris.

We pride ourselves on our canvas sites on historical monuments in some amazing, centrally-located areas in Paris which attract large audiences. We know exactly where your target audience will be and our sites throughout the city reflect this. Your brand will be noticed and appreciated in the most affluent neighbourhoods.

Big is beautiful – allow us to display your OOH in this large, eye-catching format and create a luxury, urban campaign that will create a city-wide buzz for your brand.

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