Advertising on Dublin Bus

The Dublin bus network covers a wide area, starting in central Dublin and extending out towards the commuter areas of County Wicklow, south of the county of Dublin, and County Kildare to the west of Dublin. We offer OOH opportunities both outside and inside the Dublin Buses, allowing you to choose the best format for your campaign.

Advertise on the outside of Dublin Buses to reach pedestrians, passengers and other road users.

Bus advertising is placed 10 feet in the air on the double-deckers, reaching above the everyday activity at ground level and making people notice your brand.

Dublin Bus RT

T-Sides allow you to showcase eye-catching graphics and attention-grabbing slogans or copy headlines. For even greater impact, opt for the Capital Ts. This extends the advertising canvas by 46% and ensures greater stand-out for your campaign.

Supersides establish an OOH campaign which your target audience will notice, engage with and like. This format thrusts your message into the public consciousness and ensures superb stand-out. For big brand advertising, choose our Mega Rears format. This drives brand awareness across all sections of your audience and maintains interest and engagement with your product. This large format extends the canvas for OOH and allows you to reach pedestrians, passengers and car drivers.

The Aircoach is an important mode of transport which shuttles people to and from the airport. 436,000 adults have seen Aircoach OOH in the last week, and 2/3 of this audience is aged 16 - 34. The Aircoach has a far-reaching impact on audiences as it includes multiple consumer touchpoints. 26% of people have noticed it on their way to the airport, with a further 35% spotting Aircoach OOH at the airport itself. 24% of people see it when driving to work, and 21% of people will have Aircoach contact while on public transport, out shopping or just walking around.

Consumers’ perceptions of Aircoach are positive, so they will associate your message with something that is already trusted by the public. 78% of audiences agreed that the large size of the Aircoach made them stop and look at the ads displayed, and 86% were aware that big brands advertised on Aircoach. With such overwhelming positive feedback, displaying your campaign on Aircoaches can lead to heightened audience engagement.

Formats available include Mega Rears, Mega Rears with Sidewrap and the all-over Colourbus format. Whatever your message, we will display your OOH in the most eye-catching, positive way possible. 

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