National Networks

National networks form an important part of the Exterion Media OOH in Ireland. Our formats include billboard advertising, bus OOH and rail ads.

Billboards are the original Outdoor Advertising format. With this large size you can guarantee stand-out and cut-through in an environment that is becoming increasingly crowded. Our OOH billboard networks are placed in all areas of the consumer experience. People engage with our billboards when commuting, shopping, on the school run, meeting friends and family or during leisure time. Wherever you need your campaign to be, we can ensure it’s in the right place.

Our standard billboard offers are 48 Sheet, 96 Sheet, Golden Square and Commuter Squares. Depending on your needs and the size of your campaign, we can showcase your brand in just the way you require. Our billboards are in place across towns and cities in Ireland in roadside locations, shopping malls and centres, and bus and train stations.

We are the sole provider of internal and external advertising space on Aircoach, Bus Éireann and Dublin Bus. The bus network is used by a large section of the Irish urban audience so OOH here ensures wide reach and impact. We offer this multi-format medium which comes in all shapes and sizes. Commuters engage with internal Bus OOH on a daily basis and can interact with ads on smartphones or tablets during their journey. OOH in Irish Rail or DART stations equally promotes your product or brand, and makes sure that your advertising is taken on board by valuable premium audiences who are affluent city-dwellers or city commuters. 

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