Exterion Media is a key player in OOH in the Netherlands. We reach over 70% of the Dutch population, making us perfectly placed to display your campaign.

Street furniture in the Netherlands provides national OOH coverage with 24/7 visibility. Formats include bus shelters and standalone 2m2 Europanels, ensuring a large audience. Street furniture is a flexible option and can be bought selectively per location and per city, as well as nationally.

As a market leader, Exterion Media reaches 65% of Amsterdam Metropolitan Area through a variety of advertising environments & products. Together with the Rotterdam Metropolitan Area, this forms the Randstad, a region which is very important economically within the Netherlands. We use our knowledge of the population and the area to create carefully targeted OOH ads that bring maximal returns.

Our Netherlands network is now more impactful than ever! We have been rolling out digital screens across central stations and shopping centres in The Netherlands and can now proudly say we host more than 1,000 screens! With this number, we reach no less than 4.2 million consumers with 41.6 million impressions per week!With this vast number of screens across the retail and rail estates, we remain market leaders in the Digital Out-of-Home market.

Find out below the different OOH products we offer in The Netherlands:

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