Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (AMA)

The AMA is one of the Netherlands’ most important districts. It is home to most of the major Dutch stock listed companies and is the most significant economic region along with the Rotterdam Metropolitan area (known together as the Randstad). This creates a population of 2 million in the Greater Amsterdam area, where 47% of people living outside Amsterdam but inside AMA fall into the highest social class (AB1). This results in 46% of the demographic having a disposable income which is above average. AMA ranks 4th for GDP per capita in the EU and has the highest population density of any European country, with 474 people per km2.

Key advertising locations for Exterion Media within AMA include Amsterdam city centre and the surrounding metropolitan area, Schiphol Airport (Europe’s 4th largest), and the ‘T Gooi area, where the highest concentration of people in the AB1 class live. We also display OOH ads on the AMA NS railway lines, as they are some of the most intensively travelled in the country.

We are a market-leading OOH owner in the Netherlands. We have a variety of advertising environments and products, and through these we reach 65% of AMA. Our offer includes NS panels, roadside billboards, bus ads, bus shelter ads and spectaculars. Using our knowledge of the area and our stand-out OOH, we can create the campaign to suit your brand and your needs. 

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