Reaching Key Audience Groups

Exterion Media can target the population en mass with a national campaign as well as specific target groups or specific local areas. 

With a combination of bus shelters and National Rail advertising, Exterion Media can reach more than 160 towns. With a national package your reach can vary from 55% to 65% in the 13 to 75 age group.

AMA is home to a large part of the Netherlands’ key audience groups. Target audiences here include the people who live within AMA, high-end retail consumers, tourists and businesses.

Inhabitants and visitors in AMA include people living and working in or within commuting distance of Amsterdam, and shoppers and international tourists. With our AMA Inhabitants Package, we offer a 2-week OOH on roadside billboards which catches the attention of those who commute to work into the city centre from the metropolitan area. With our 1-week train station offer, you can capture the imaginations of the 2.2 million commuters who pass through NS train stations daily. An 8-week period of city centre advertising will ensure that your brand is firmly in the consciousness of the local inhabitants and the tourists who visit.

High-end retail consumers are an important group for Exterion Media. Here we can influence people at point of sale and in the places where they live. Our High-End Retail Consumers Package guarantees brand awareness in AMA, where the average disposable income is above €40,000. With this package you can reach your valuable audience at home and while shopping. Display your campaign with us on NS station and bus shelter panels for a week, get your message across with a 1-month city centre OOH campaign, and make the most of a full back view bus ad to get your campaign noticed.

AMA is the Netherlands’ most important tourist area, with visitors coming to some of North Holland’s major cities, including Amsterdam, Delft and Leiden. To capitalise on this valuable audience, we offer a train station pack which targets the important tourist stations in AMA. Our Schiphol pack provides your brand with maximum visibility, as it is Europe’s 4th-busiest airport, making it ideal for a targeted campaign. Complete your tourist-oriented OOH with our 8-week city centre offer which will consolidate the visitor experience.

Reaching Key Audience groups

Key stock-listed businesses are located within AMA, making it an important location to place campaigns. The main train business station of Amsterdam Zuid is located here. This, combined with a series of business-targeted billboards, will create an important commuter audience. Our Exposure Box in Gustav Mahler Square is a powerful part of our business OOH as it is located in the heart of the business district. With a week’s worth of advertising in the Exposure Box, commuters won’t forget your product in a hurry. Add this to our NS Stations and Roadside Billboards package for an all-encompassing campaign that will reach the right people.  

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