The Spanish audience is an important one for Exterion Media. With approximately 17.2 million households, Spanish consumers are open to products and brands they see advertised. It is equally an important tourist destination, and is the fourth most-visited country in the world with over 56 million visitors a year. Spain’s valuable domestic and tourist audiences make this an important country to showcase your campaign.

OOH is the medium which is most likely to be recalled in Spain. For every euro invested in OOH, 87 mentions per year are generated, which is significantly more than those generated by TV ads, which is next with 51 mentions per euro invested. A stand-out OOH campaign in Spain is likely to be seen and remembered, creating an audience which is brand-aware and more likely to engage with your ads.

Country Introduction

At Exterion Media we target audiences using a variety of formats. Exterion Media’s leading position in transport advertising in Spain allows advertising on more than 4,000 buses across the major cities, including Madrid, Valencia and Sevilla. Our billboard networks offer country-wide coverage, with 24m2 billboards available for national, regional and local OOH. Our main city networks include backlit billboards for greater visibility at all times of day and night. Canvas and spectaculars create impact across varied locations in main cities.

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