Advertising on the London Underground

With 4.8 million passengers a day, your audience is ready to connect with you on the London Underground. People spend approximately 3 minutes on the platform engaging with cross-track adverts and 13 minutes absorbing adverts inside the Tube carriages. These consumers are six times more likely to recall adverts, and 79% have gone on to look at something or purchase an item as a result of our advertising. 

London Underground RT

As the sole provider of advertising opportunities on the Underground, Exterion Media can ensure you will reach and engage with this important audience. Dwell time sites, frequency sites, digital formats or impact installations, you can choose the type of OOH placement that’s right for you. 

With 87% of passengers welcoming ads on the Underground, this is the ideal location to showcase your campaign. Multiple advertising options are available - engage your audience with cross-track adverts, publicity inside Tube carriages, escalator panels or ticket gateways. Since the introduction of WiFi on the Underground, nearly a quarter of commuters have Googled something  as a result of seeing an OOH ad, and 88% of passengers have  searched online while on the platform to pursue something they’ve seen during their journey. 

The potential here is immense – get in touch with us today and let us help you connect with your London audience. 

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