National networks

The national audience consists of a large commuter base where 41% of journeys are made for work, and 42% of these commuters are AB with the means to spend, so your product is certain to reach affluent consumers.

For your national campaign, choose from advertising on Buses, National Rail, or for maximum impact, a combination of both.

National Rail Advertising

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1.26 billion passenger journeys are made on the rail networks each year. Research shows that people have a dwell time of 13 minutes on the concourse and 7 minutes on the platform, allowing you to reach passengers when they are mulling over their options, contemplating their future and planning their next experience. 55% of commuters represent the top consumer spenders – our Outdoor Advertising solutions of 48 sheets, 6 sheets, 4 sheets, specials, landmarks and networks ensure that your campaign reaches this valuable audience.

Bus Advertising

National Networks 1 RT

Buses cross city centres 15 times a day and cover over 1,100 km per week, allowing your OOH ads to reach the heart of communities nationwide. Buses reach people throughout the day and pass key locations en route, creating great community-wide coverage for your campaign.

Bus advertising has been shown to make a significant impact - 86% of consumers can spontaneously tell us about a bus ad they have seen, and this leads 80% of consumers to respond to these ads. T-Sides are the most recognisable bus format, and can be combined with rears, interiors, supersides, streetliners and mega rears to create OOH ads which are value for money and flexible according to your needs.

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