Sales and Copy Acceptance Policy

Exterion Media reserves the right to refuse any advertising without providing specific reasons. Where an advertisement has given cause for concern, we may offer recommendations to help bring the copy in line with the guidelines below. We actively encourage our clients, agencies and specialists to send us artwork well in advance of production to avoid any delays to or rejection of your campaign.

It is the policy of Exterion Media not to accept an advertisement for display on sites that they manage in the Republic of Ireland if in the opinion of Exterion Media the advertisement:

  • Does not comply with applicable laws or incites anyone to break the law
  • Does not comply with ASAI guidance
  • Does not comply with the standards of best practice set out by the OMA
  • Contravenes advertising copy restrictions or prohibitions of any Exterion Media franchise or asset partner
  • Might adversely affect the interest of the site owner or might result in Exterion Media being in breach of any of its contractual obligations to a site owner
  • Infers any connection with an individual or organisation or includes any content that on account of such connection or inclusion, could result in litigation against, or cause legal liability for, Exterion Media

Please note:

To avoid last minute difficulties and the possibility of wasted production costs, Exterion Media is happy to advise on the likelihood of a poster’s acceptability prior to the copy deadline.

It remains the advertiser’s responsibility to ensure creative or advertisement copy does not breach copyright or other intellectual property rights. Licensed brand images and logos require the express permission of the owner before use. Exterion Media is not responsible for property rights or permissions. 

In the event of the rejection of copy ‘Slipping‘ or covering over portions of the poster in question will not be accepted as an alternative.

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