Dublin Bus

Dublin Bus transports people on their everyday journeys into and around the city and the Great Dublin Area.  It covers a wide region that extends from Newcastle in Co. Wicklow to the south of the city, Balbriggan in north Co. Dublin and Maynooth to the west of the city in Co. Kildare.

There is a wide range of advertising formats available on Dublin Bus.  You can advertise inside Dublin Bus to passengers as they travel around Dublin city and the commuter belt.  Advertise on the Outside of Dublin Bus and reach pedestrians, motorists, cyclists and passengers.

Buses on the streets of Dublin

Explore the formats - both inside and outside - for Dublin Bus or request a call back on this page.

  • Dublin Bus

    T-Sides are a distinctive bus format that present the opportunity for powerful graphics and eye catching copy headlines.

  • Capital T's extends the advertising canvas by 46% over the current T-Side format. The format allows for greater creative opportunities and messaging on the Dublin Bus fleet. The advertising canvas is printed in one piece on PVC mesh banner material. 

  • Advertising_on_Dublin_bus

    Supersides act as a giant megaphone, projecting your core message to the thousands of people who walk up and down our high streets every day. Placed 10 feet in the air on double deck buses, they reach above the clutter and demand attention from pedestrians and motorists alike. Check out what your ad would look like on our Visualiser Tool.

  • Advertising_on_Dublin_Bus

    Sightlines, on the lower rears of Dublin Bus, offer the chance to have a one-to-one conversation with your target audience – the ideal medium for interacting with car drivers and their passengers at a time when they have time to absorb your message and call to action details.

  • Mr_Tayto_Ad_on_Dublin_Bus

    Create impact and drive advertising recall! MegaRears are a perfect format for big brand advertising, driving brand awareness across a multitude of audiences.

  • Advertising_on_Dublin_Bus

    MegaSquares extend the canvas for creative opportunities in large transit format

  • Advertising_on_Dublin_Bus

    Wrapped Bus presents the largest mobile advertising canvas available.

  • Advertising_on_Dublin_Bus

    Two internal formats are available to reach passengers on Dublin Bus : landscape CommuterCards and portrait A2 panels.  Both offer high dwell time message opportunities to reach valuable audiences

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