DART and Irish Rail Advertising

The rail environment offers unique rich spaces for audience engagement.  

92%* of DART and Irish Rail passengers in Dublin notice Outdoor Advertising. The habitual nature and behaviours of passengers as they go about their daily journeys allows for rapid build of audience reach.   

The time passengers spend waiting on platforms gives greater opportunity to absorb advertising messages thus encouraging purchase consideration.  44%* of people in Dublin and Cork make a purchase during the course of their journey.

95%** of Urban audiences now own a smart device
which means that they can react and interact with Advertising message on the move. 

Advertising messages can be placed on a variety of poster site formats and on digital Out-of-Home screens (dPods and Transvisions).


*(Source: Ireland on the Move – Exterion Media/Behaviour & Attitudes)
** (Source : work.shop.play Urban Community)

Explore the range of Outdoor advertising formats below available in our DART stations, train stations and rail platforms.  To find out how you can put your advertising message in front of the valuable commuter audience call us on 01-669 4500 or request a call back on this page.

  • This premium Outdoor advertising format is positioned at DART and Irish Rail stations throughout Ireland.  CommuterSquares are 8² metres in size offering a significant canvas for advertising and brand messages.  


    CommuterSquares are back-illuminated so your audience will see your advertising message during all day-parts.  Units are scrolling, with the movement catching the eye of passengers, and can display up to four advertising posters. 

  • CommuterPoints are 6 sheet poster sites strategically positioned throughout the DART and Irish Rail Network.  The format includes both scrolling and static units. 


    CommuterPoints are located at high dwell time locations to maximise audience reach, such as DART and Rail platforms, through the concourses of key transport hubs and adjacent to ticket offices and kiosks.

  • CommuterCards are 23cm x 71cm landscape advertising panels located at head height inside DART & Arrow commuter trains.  They present the perfect opportunity to reach a mobile target audience.

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