Europe on the Move

Europe on the Move research study Exterion Media

We are all constantly on the move. Whether it be our work commute, a shopping expedition, or a leisurely weekend stroll, our regular journeys define the pace and narrative of our daily lives.

Our journeys are linked to many important emotions – our sense of responsibility to our work and families, our individuality and personal interests. In a highly mobile population, how we travel says a lot about us.

Outdoor advertising speaks to people on these journeys.

Europe on the Move, Exterion Media’s first research study into the Out-of-Home audience provides unparalleled insight into how people feel, what they think, and how they respond to outdoor advertising while ‘on the move’.

"You’ve already heard it on the radio or TV, then you see it and notice it when you’re out and about, eventually when you’re making a purchase, it’s always the first to come to mind" Juan, Spain, 36 years

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