Key findings

The full report focuses on the key findings at a macro level taking you through progressive stages of detail and understanding – from the broad audience landscape, to individuals’ moods, and finally, to how people respond to outdoor advertising.

People on the Move: Understanding the Opportunity

The people who are out most are the people advertisers want to reach. They are high income households, impulsive spenders, technologically savvy and they don’t try to avoid advertising. We take a look at European travellers in general and how their mode of travel can strongly influence their mood and behaviour. We also dip into the mindsets of people on the move to understand what drives certain behaviours.

Engaging on the Move: Reaching the Outdoor Audience

We report back on what our respondents told us “reached” them. What kinds of messages work best – and when? And, as most people are exposed to and engage with a “mix of media” – what was most effective?

Influencing on the Move: Activating the Outdoor Audience

Finally, we explore how likely people are to act on advertising when they are on the move. Bottom line – outdoor advertising works. It touches people on their path to purchase and with the increased use of smartphones and other mobile technology, connected travellers are becoming increasingly more valuable as they research, buy, chat, and share with their fingertips.

"We are all travellers in the wilderness of this world, and the best we can find on our travels is an honest friend" R. L. Stevenson

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